How Custom Lanyards Can Help Market Your Brand

In an ever competitive and changing marketplace, using promotional products can be an extremely effective marketing tool to help your brand standout from the crowd. One great place to start is with custom lanyards.

Custom Lanyards Make for a Tremendous Promotional Product

This is because they are a cost effective way to grow awareness for your brand. Virtually everyone has keys they need to keep together and keep track of, so why not slap your logo on them and give them out to your fans or potential fans?

Think of college campuses and the long custom lanyards hanging out of the student’s pockets. Well instead of it being the University’s logo, image if it was your very own logo instead! As the students are walking to and from class, or simply hanging out with their friends, they will be advertising for you without even knowing it.

It is the equivalent of people walking around with a billboard that has your name on it, but for a fraction of the cost! They will be marketing your brand for you. Wherever they go, hanging out of their pocket for all to see will be your brand image.

And more than that, you can start to build an association of usefulness to your brand. This is because lanyards actually provide value to the owner, unlike other promotional products. Creating buttons for people to pin on their shirt is great and all, but buttons do not provide any real value.

Custom Lanyards Provide a Real Value.

They help organize and keep together valuable objects such as keys and key cards. They also make it easier to find, everyone hates losing their keys! With a lanyard you can hang up your keys in your house when you don’t need them and that way you will know they are always in the same place.

Lanyards also take up more space, thus making them easier to spot. Coincidentally, this means that your brand and image are also easier to spot! That’s a double benefit for you!

Now imagine placing you logo or image on this highly useful and valuable object such as the lanyard. People will begin to associate your brand with great ideals such as value, useful, and quality.

You can even start a social media campaign where people submit pictures of their lanyards to enter some kind of promotional contest.

No matter what you are marketing for, to have your brand associated with such positive attributes is a great thing. And to think that you can start to achieve all this just with a low cost promotional product is truly a must do.