Sit out Summer in an Adirondack Chair

Summer time often calls for an outdoor gathering, but what most do not realize is that seating is a significant factor if you want to enjoy a relaxing evening outside. Your choice of chairs is endless ranging from standard patio furniture to hanging pods. However, this summer consider purchasing an Adirondack chair for a relaxing evening outdoors. These sloping back seats are synonymous with the American summer and are part of the society of outdoor connoisseurs. Compared to other outdoor seating such as hammocks and ottomans, this chair provides a unique ergonomic design created to maximize comfort. With its wide armrest, you can be confident that there is plenty of space to relax your overworked arms.

What is so great about Adirondack chairs? The history of the Adirondack chair dates back to 1903 when an American named Thomas Lee made the first seat out of pine board. Interestingly, it was his friend Harry Bunnell that patented it two summers later. Lee gave Bunnell, a carpenter and shop owner, the chair design to sell and make to help Bunnell out during the winter months. What most people do fail to realize is that the idea was birthed purely from necessity. Lee needed to update his back yard, and he did so when he came up with his grand plan to create an entire chair out of one pine board.

The original design and materials used to create this chair has since evolved and go beyond its standard color of white. You can find virtually any color to match your style and add character to your backyard. Materials include wood, plastic, and even stainless steel. They also come with rounded backs and are even foldable.

Still, what is the future of the Adirondack chair? New technology that can benefit the Adirondack chair includes 3D-printing. Imagine hosting a backyard barbecue for Independence Day and you have enough red and white chairs to make at least 12 stripes of the American flag, but just need that last row to make your idea complete. How cool would it be if you could run and grab a custom designed chair made just for your event? With today’s technology, this has become a possibility.

So, really, what are you waiting for? Summer ends as quickly as it starts. Why not purchase a piece of American history? Consider picking up an Adirondack chair for your next outdoor soiree.